Schumann Scalar Mk2 (Advanced)




Schumann Resonance Generator.
New release design – with resonant mirror reflector to capture Earths resonances and reflect with generated frequency.
An evolutionary product based on lab work and design.
Additionally with 3.5mm Jack input with separate scalar antenna and auxiliary Schumann output connectors to :

a) Accept other frequencies and add them to the Scalar Antenna.
b) Drive other devices with the Schumann Frequency.
c) Drive the LED Wand (Available as optional extra) with the Schumann frequency

A unique Scalar derived effective ELF Schumann generator of 7.83 Hz

Note: The Schuman frequencies themselves are not precise as they can change. The SCHUMANN RESONANCE is not constant. It varies from 7 Hz to 8 Hz, even throughout the day, based on cosmic and environmental influences.
The output frequency has a tolerance of approx +/- 1Hz with adjustment available.
This is unlike other Schumann generators in that we use a Scalar Antenna to broadcast Schuman Waves in the Scalar field.
Much more effective and longer range – higher coupling with bioactivity.
This is the generator you need.

Use to clear bio-magnetic disturbances, sleep better, calming.

Requires a standard USB C cable and a USB power adaptor – available from many outlets worldwide.
May be used from a battery bank – but note many battery banks require a minimum load to stay operational.